Education Facilities

Bhorda has a good facility for education where there are a total of 8 schools including both Government and private schools. The village lacks an English medium school still.

The first school in the village, which started with only Two Rooms, was sponsored by 'Shree Shantilalji Bhawarlalji Parasmalji Jayantilalji Salecha', which is the Government school now running with 1st to 5th Standard.

 Government Schools
 Sr. No.
Standards In No.
1. 1st to 5th Standard 1
2. 9th to 12th Std 1
3. 1st to 8th Std 1
4. Girls School ( 1st to 8th Std) 1

 Private Schools
 Sr. No.
Standards In No.
1. 1st to 10th Standard 2 Schools
2. 1st to 5th Standard 2 Schools
3. 1st to 8th Standard 2 Schools

About Students

About 1200 students study in the various schools of Bhorda, where many students come from nearby 10 villages to bhorda to study.

About Teachers

There are a total of 15 Teachers in the schools, as the schools lack few teachers and lecturers.

Facilities in Schools

  • There are about 6 computers in the Government school.
  • The Internet Line in under construction in the village as well as in schools