Hospital Services

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The village has a good facility for the health purposes. There are two Hospitals in Bhorda.
  1. Ayurvedic Health Center
  2. State Primary Health Center
The Ayurvedic Health Center is a old one, which basically provides the ayurvedic solutions for the general problems. The Doctor, termed as 'Vedji' handles this center.

The State Primary Health Center, named as 'Shree Pukhraj Girdhaarilal' , is a government Primary Health Center. The details of this PHC is as below :

Staff :

 Sr. No.
Post In Numbers
1. Doctor 1
2. Compounders 3
3. Nurses 2
4. Peon 1

Testing Facilities :

Several Testing are provided like Blood Testing, TB Testing, Sugar level etc

Beds : 

Sr. No.
Item In Numbers
1. Patient Beds 10

Medicine Facilities :

The Hospital provides Free medicines to the patients.
Apart from hospital, there are two private Medical shops in the village.

Special incentive for ladies :

Ladies who get their babies delivered in the hospital, they get Rs.1600 and Food, free from the Hospital.

Other Facilities :

There is a Drinking Water Facility with Cooler near the Hospital and the School, sponsored by 'Shree Dalichandji Kaluchandji Singhvi' Pariwar.

Emergency :

The government has provided the 108 Emergency Ambulance service, where the ambulance comes from Bhadrajun.
In extreme cases, the patient is taken to the big hospitals nearby. The nearest hospitals are :

 Hospitals Nearby
 Sr. No.
Hospital Name Office Phone
1.Rathi Hospital, Hanumanshala Bagora Rd , Jalore 02973 - 226199
2. Chandra Hospital, Near Bus Stand, Jalore 02973 - 225742
3. Government Hospital, Jalore         -
4. Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Jodhpur 9314717622
5. Manidhaari Hospital, Jodhpur 0291-2648888
6. Railway Hospital, Jodhpur 0291-2432302
7. Ummaid Hospital, Jodhpur 0291 - 2435730