Bhorda Talab

The Lake (Talab) adds an extra beauty to the bhorda village. Currently, with the good Rain, the Talab has an ample water.

Whenever the Lake is full of water, it attracts the Migrating birds to the lake, from the other places, which blossoms up the village and the lake.

The Lake attracts many Birds like Peacock, Koyal and other birds. Especially the Peacocks come near the lake every evening, and enjoy the dusk with the beautiful dance, which attracts the people  of the village.

Other few villages around Bhorda, also take water through the tankers, from the Bhorda Lake, whenever the water is full in the lake.

There is a an approximate '240 Vigah' land owned by 'Shree Shantilalji Bhawarlalji Parasmalji Jayantilalji Salecha' which is specially taken for welfare of the domestic animals. It is also called as 'Gochar Zameen' (Gau-Char, that means, Cow Feed). The domestic animals get feeded by that land. Moreover, the Production on that land, is used to feed Birds and Animals only.

The Lake is nearer to Village, Hospital, School, Bus stand and all the major places. There are couple of temples around the lake.

It has been the culture of the Bhorda village that ladies of the village, come to the lake, early morning, and evening, with the Pots to fill the water, for their daily needs.

The domestic animals of the village, also come to the lake early morning and evening, to drink the water.