Jain Bhawans

Jain Oswal Bhawan :

The Jain oswal bhawan was constructed with the support of the whole jain community of the village, after the 1st pratishta of the Jain temple.

This bhawan is used for the Jain Community Marriages, Functions. It has Few rooms with all the neccesary facilities. It has a big hall for arranging Breakfast, Lunch or dinner.

It has all Beds, Pillows, Utensils, which is provided on rental basis.

Jain Dharamshaala :

The Jain Dharamshaala is one of the very old buildings of the village, which was renovated after the Jain Temple Pratishta.

Tha dharamshaala is mainly used for staying of the Jain Gurus and other religious purposes. It is also provided sometimes for other functions in the village.

There is another Dharamshaala next to this one, which is also used for the same purpose. That other dharamshaala is sponsored by "Shree Shantilalji Jayantilalji Salecha".