Jain Temple Pratistha Mahotsav

The Jain temple pratishta was held on 22nd April, 2008 on the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the First Pratishta.

The pratishta was of Shree Nakoda Bheruji and Shree Chakkeshwari Devi, as per told by the Gurus, to do pratistha of these gods.

The village was fully decorated and was with full joy, where people staying away from the villages came down to the village for enjoying the Pratishta Mahotsav.

The Pratishta was held under the guidance of Shree Acharya Bhagwant Vidyanadh Vijayji Maarasaheb, who  were with the Guruji during the 1st Pratishta Mahotsav.

All the members of the families were in the village for this Mahotsav, where everyone enjoyed a lot. They stayed together for about a week in the village.

The Elephants, Horses, Rathas were brought specially for the Varghoda, which attracted a number of people from the nearby villages.

A Professional singer, Vicky Parekh, from Mumbai, was specially called for the Daily Bhaktis in the open ground, which was very fun filled, and joyful.

This Mahotsav was equally enjoyed by the other communities of the villages as well, where they also enjoyed the bhaktis, Varghoda etc.