Jain Temple

The Jain temple lies in the center of the village, with Mulnayakji, The 23rd Thirthankar Shree Chinaamani Parshwanathji with Shree Suparshwanathji and Shree Dharmanathji.

On the 1st Floor, Shree Nilvarna Parshwanathji blesses the city. Before the Temple Pratishtha, Shree Nilvarna Parshwanathi was our Mulnayakji.

The Jain temple pratishtha was held on 2034 Vaisahk Sud Chaudash, as per Hindu Religious calender, under the guidance of Mewad Tirthodwarak Shree Nakoda Jinodwarak Shreemad Acharya Vijay Himachal Surishwarji Maarasaaheb and Shree Lakshmi Vijayji along with Vidyanandh Vijayji aadi Thaana.

In those days, all the local Jains had arrived in the village, from other cities. The village was decorated along with the full support of all other communites of the village.

In those days, a Special 'Flower Shower' was done from the Helicopter, on the Glorious temple.

According to the people, after the Pratishta, the real development and progress of the village started.

The silver jubilee of the temple was celebrated with full joy, on 22nd April, 2008. Click here for Full Information